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COTTINGLEY WALK No.6 by L. Poynter

5 miles 2 hrs. Boots essential in a wet season

Walk 6 map

  1. From the shops on the Parade, with your back to the church, turn right.
  2. After 100m take the snicket between 77 and 79, and turn right up March Cote Lane.
  3. Opposite the end of Woodside Drive turn left up the farm track.
  4. Take the detour past the farmhouse and at the lane go across and through the stile and bear slightly left.
  5. Two more stiles bring you to a driveway and then to the road (Lee Lane).
  6. Cross the road half right and go up the lane between the houses.
  7. At the end is a stile among trees, on very muddy ground.
  8. Go ahead over the stile and two more.
  9. At the third go half right up the rise and head for the gateway in the far corner.
  10. Twenty metres past the gateway take the gate stile on the left.
  11. Go up the steep hill (Norr Hill) as far as the white triangulation pillar.
  12. Here go half right to the far corner.
  13. Go through the stile (close the gate) and ahead by the wall to a double stile. Take care here.
  14. Go through the first stile and on 15m to another stile (a right turn here would take you to Wilsden).
  15. Go through and ahead by the wall through two more stiles.
  16. At the second head half right to pass to the right of the large shed.
  17. A stile in the corner to the left of the big gateway takes you to the road (Shay Lane).
  18. Left along here to Wilsden Rd.
  19. Either go right for 60 m to a lane on the left and up here: or go left for 120 m and take the signed footpath on the right.
  20. Go ahead to the stile in the right-hand corner (beware of mud).
  21. Through here and keep the wall on your left to second stile.
  22. Still keep ahead but leave the wall slightly to find a stile to the road where you join the alternative route.
  23. Turn left.
  24. Go up the road past Gaisby Hall and then look for a stile by the second gate on the left.
  25. Go through here and 40m on to a stile on the right.
  26. Cut off the first corner and find the stile in the second corner.
  27. After the 3rd stile go on 10m and veer left towards the farmhouse.
  28. After the snicket by the farm go across the lane to the next stile.
  29. Follow this path where it goes through a garden and emerges by a row of houses.
  30. Pass in front of these.
  31. The track right, the stile ahead and the stile left are all R. O. W.
  32. Take the stile left and follow the signs to the road.
  33. Go right a little way to the Prune Park Inn.
  34. Tun into the pub car park and go up to the right of the pub.
  35. Just past the main building is a gap in the line of conifers.
  36. Go through, stepping over wire etc. , and head half left to a stile.
  37. Make for the building 400m ahead, going through a gate and finally coming to the road by a footpath sign.
  38. There is a new fence just before the sign. If there is no stile, go over the fence or through the gate.
  39. Either:
    go right a little to a signpost pointing through a garden.
  40. Go through the gate at the far end and veer half left through a very muddy patch and two ruined walls to join a track alongside a row of trees and a building site to a corner where you join the other route (not visible).
  41. Turn right at the corner and head for the farm/riding school.
  42. OR
    go left and up to the top of the hill where there is a row of cottages (converted farm).
  43. Cross and go up the drive past the cottages, through a gate and towards the end of a wall.
  44. Pass to the right of the wall and follow it down the hill.
  45. At the bottom a stone stile leads to a swamp.
  46. Find your way past this and look for the stile by some gorse half right.
  47. Go through here and ahead over the hill heading for the farm.
  48. Join the other route where the line of trees makes a right-angled bend.
  49. At the farm/riding school go ahead past the buildings to a stile.
  50. Head for the pylon. Beware of mud.
  51. Squeeze past the gate at the bottom and go left to the stile in the corner.
  52. Through here keep left and look for a small gate among trees which leads you past to the right of the house.
  53. At the lane cross and stop at the stile.
  54. Look ahead. The white house in a clump of trees is your marker.
  55. Head for it across the large field.
  56. The stile is left of the gate opposite the house.
  57. Through here turn right and join Lee Lane.
  58. Cross the lane and go slightly left to the gate.
  59. Go ahead to join the outward route in reverse.