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COTTINGLEY WALK No.5 by L. Poynter

3 miles 1 hrs. or 6 miles, 2 hours. Mostly easy going but boots advisable in bad weather.

Walk 5 map

  1. Start at The Parade (shops).
  2. Facing Manor Rd. turn left and go along to Beckfield Rd, Turn left and after 30 yards take the path on the right into woodland.
  3. Follow this to a wall and stile leading into a big field.
  4. Go straight ahead to pass some boulders and then go left round a wall comer.
  5. Head for the stile to the right of the farm .
  6. Through here bear left behind the farm and through a wide gateway into a rough, rocky area.
  7. Head for a stile in the far right corner.
  8. Go straight across the field to another stile then turn left and follow the path round the edge of the wood.
  9. When the wall turns sharply left follow it. (Do NOT go straight ahead).
  10. At the road go right.
  11. Where the road swings left you go straight ahead for 250 yards to a narrow gap stile by a gate on your right, and through.
  12. After the next stile the path is walled, and where the wall ends go half right, through another stile and towards the corner by the woodland.
  13. Follow the clear path downhill through the woods.
  14. Ignore a right fork and keep on down a rocky stretch.
  15. After the stile go half right, past a ditch to a stile leading to the golf course.
  16. Follow the white stones to a footbridge to the right of a large building (formerly Beckfoot Mill).
  17. Turn right and just before the ford go through the stile.
  18. Do not go over the pack-horse bridge but veer left, passing to the right of the house and into more woodland (Mouse Wood).
  19. Follow the path gradually downhill and-turn right to cross the iron brige (Jubilee Bridge) into Myrtle Park. (Up the hill ahead is a bowling green and cafe).
  20. For the short walk go across the big level field to another footbridge at the far end.
  21. For the long walk:
    1. For the long walk go left along the riverside path.
    2. At the road cross and go round the front of the White Horse pub and along old Main Street.
    3. After forty yards go through the churchyard to the main road.
    4. Cross and go over the new footbridge to the canal and three-rise locks. (If you have not seen the five-rise locks go left a little way and then return.)
    5. Turn right and follow the towpalh along the newly-aligned stretch with the new road on your right.
    6. You go under a road bridge, past a car park and under another road bridge.
    7. After another 300 yards, just after a pipeline crosses the canal find a path going half right.
    8. Follow this past Charles Walker's factory.
    9. Continue to the railway bridge.
    10. Go under and turn right.
    11. On emerging onto the main road go right and up to the traffic lights.
    12. Cross and go through Myrtle Court into the park.
    13. Keep left near the wall and go downhill to the footbridge where you join the short walk.
  22. Cross the bridge and continue.
  23. At the end turn left.
  24. At the main road turn right.
  25. Pass Ghyllwood Drive and take the snicket between Ghyllwood House and the flats.
  26. Keep to the right round the crescent and then first right and right again.
  27. Take the path on the left between nos. 71 and 73.
  28. At the woodland head for the top left-hand corner and a fenced path.
  29. At the road go half right to another path and at the next road turn left for the shops.