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COTTINGLEY WALK No.4 by L. Poynter

3hrs. Boots or good shoes.

Walk 4 map

  1. From the shops at Littlelands, turn left along Airedale Ave, and left up Beckfield Rd.
  2. On the right, by number 50, a path goes into woodland.
  3. Follow the path behind the houses until you come to a stile in the wall behind a tree, from where you can See a farm ahead.
  4. Go straight ahead, past some boulders, left at a wall corner, and through a stile to the right of the farm.
  5. Go through the stile and through (or over) a wide gate on your left behind the farm.
  6. In a few yards find a stile marked 'Footpath' in the wall up on your right.
  7. Through here keep straight ahead to a stile into woodland.
  8. Go left and follow the path alongside the wall.
  9. After a quarter of a mile the wall turns sharply left and the path follows it.
  10. Continue through two stiles to the road (Lee Lane).
  11. Go right and follow the road, keeping straight ahead at the junction.
  12. Then after 200 yards go through a stile between two gates on your left.
  13. Go straight ahead through five fields and stiles to a T-junction.
  14. Take the path right, keeping to tue right' of the wall to a clear sandy track.
  15. Follow this downhill until a house comes in sight ahead.
  16. Go through a stile on your left, keep the fence on your right, and go down through the trees to a ford and go up about 100 yards to a stile by the road. (It the ford is impassable, go back to the track, turn left to the road and go up the road to rejoin your route by the stile opposite the garden centre, where refreshments are available)
  17. Go on to a stile just past the row of cottages.
  18. From here a clear path goes for over half a mile just inside the woodland or to the left of it.
  19. Do not go downhill into the woodland. Finally emerge through someone's garden into a narrow road.
  20. Go right, down to where the path forks just above the footbridge.
  21. Take the left fork to the mill.
  22. Go through the archway and follow the surfaced track uphill.
  23. After a metal gate go straight ahead.
  24. At the road go straight across through a gap stile and steeply uphill by the wall.
  25. At the top you come to a cross path. Turn left.
  26. After 200 yards leave the track which goes steeply downhill, and go round a gate to a level track which very soon comes to another gate and a atile on the left.
  27. Prom here a clear path leads to a lane.
  28. Turn left and go past a farm and houses, looking for &n entry on the right with a lamp-post number 9.
  29. Turn on here to a stile And flagged path.
  30. At the bottom right corner go through to a path between walls and straight down to Cranford Place and Wilsden Main St.
  31. Cross and go along Tweedy St.
  32. At the end take the walled snicket.
  33. At the stile go left and follow the path to the road.
  34. Go left 20 yards and up the drive past the houses.
  35. Where the drive swings left past the last house, look for the stile in the corner right.
  36. Go up the walled path to a track.
  37. Left here and at the fork take the left fork through the gate.
  38. Keep ahead to a line of telephone poles and follow the wall downhill (Beware of muddy bits by the stiles).
  39. Pass between the houses to Lee Lane.
  40. Go half right and down a drive next to a letter box.
  41. At the bottom by the gateways find a gap stile.
  42. Follow the fence to another stile and then go half right.
  43. Follow stiles and track to a road (March Cote Lane).
  44. Go right. A snicket between nos. 72 & 74 takes you to Airedale Ave and the shops.