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COTTINGLEY WALK No.3 by L. Poynter

4 miles: 2hr Boots or good shoes.

Walk 3 map

  1. Start from the end of Main St. opposite the Sun Inn.
  2. Go up Cottingley Cliffe Rd.
  3. Just before New Brighton is a marked stile on the right.
  4. Take this path steeply uphill.
  5. At North Bank Rd turn left, then right at the T junction.
  6. After 100 yds find staggered gates opposite.
  7. Go up the snicket, turn left at the road and go straight on Woodland Close to a surfaced path across "The Rough".
  8. Follow the road to a junction and go half left down Brantwood Ave and right on Brantwood Drive.
  9. Cross the main road and go on past the Chellow pub.
  10. At the golf club go up the club drive to the car park.
  11. Go ahead across the car park to the green tubular metal gate marking the entry to the course but turn left just before the gate.
  12. A clear track takes you along the edge of the golf course.
  13. At the cricket field go sharp right, still with the golf course on your right.
  14. At the bottom right-hand
  15. corner of the field go through into a narrow path and keep in the same direction to the woodland and
  16. continue with houses visible on your left.
  17. Soon you will see the reservoir.
  18. If you don't like paths along steep hillsides you can go down to the water, turn right and follow the clear paths to Hawarth Rd.
  19. Otherwise take a level path on the right about 30 yards short of the reservoir.
  20. Keep at this level above the water.
  21. Ignore a right fork and continue with a low wall on your left.
  22. At the end of the first reservoir stay on the path as it climbs and you will see Chellow Heights waterworks on the right beyond the golf course. Keep on the same path.
  23. When the road comes in sight you can go ahead or find a hidden stile 20 yards on your right to a footpath which also goes to the road.
  24. Having arrived at the road by whichever route, go right uphill to Bay of Biscay.
  25. Here take the lower pavement to a gap between the houses and a footpath sign.
  26. Through here go ahead to a stile by a gate and down a rough track with the remains of old paving stones.
  27. Head for the left of the farm buildings and go down the farm track.
  28. If the gate is closed and locked just go round the end of it.
  29. Where the track divides go right through the allotments.
  30. At the road go right 20 yds and go through the smaller gate on your left.
  31. Go straight ahead by the wall, but beware of large stones hidden in the long grass.
  32. Pass through several gateways and follow the path down through the woodland.
  33. Keep slightly to the left and at the fence and hedge go left through a gate (please close this) to the road.
  34. Turn right and then left back to the start.