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Do you live in Cottingley and want to get in touch with former Cottingley residents?

Were you once a Cottingley resident who would like to get in touch with other present or former Cottingley residents?

Did your ancestors live in Cottingley and you would like to get in touch with anyone with information?

If you e-mail me margaret.krupa AT I will consider placing the request on this page.

Bassett Anne

Niece of William (Bill) Edmondson d.o.b 28.01.1939. (Late sister called Alice) Anne (60 years old or thereabouts) Bassett (maiden name)believed to be living in Cottingley. William wasn't able to give her his present address before he moved to Fillingham, Lincolnshire. in 2006. If you can help please contact Cottingley Connect webmaster.


Derek Martin ( researching his family history, and has an ancestor, named Sarah Ann Bancroft born in 1835, this is her married name, and in the 1861 Census she is shown as being born in Cottingley. She was a widow at that time, and she had two son's and a daughter, in 1861 the eldest name Hudson Bancroft aged 6 , the other named Abraham (his ancestor) aged 2, both born in Manningham, and abagail aged 5 months born in Bradford.
He would interested in any help in tracing her maiden name and family.


In 1891 John Dickinson lived at 51 Smith Street. His wife was Anmnie and there were 5 sons - John, William, Harry, Albert, Arthur and one unnamed daughter. The family name changed from Dickinson in the 1881 census to Dickerson in 1909.
Any information contact Philip Andrew at

DAWSON - Robert Arthur and Charles Frederick Artists

These two gentlemen were artists in the early 1900's and had many paintings exhibited. It may be that some of their paintings were sold locally in the Bingley area. If you know of any, David (Robert Arthur's grandson), would be interested in any information. It is known that both men painted Beckfoot Bridge during their time at Bingley.

PRIESTLEY Charles, Arthur, Gillies

Charles and his wife (nee Gillies) resided at Cottingley Hall between 1887 and 1920 approximately. Mrs Priestley came from Apperley Bridge and Mr. Priestley from Thornton. Charles Priestley died in 1893 in Algeria. There were two children - Arthur Geoffrey Briggs Priestley and Gillies Priestley. If you are a descendant of this family or have any information about them, the Cottingley Village History Society would be pleased if you could get in touch. Contact the Secretary


I lived in Cottingley for 15 years untill my family and I moved to Australia 8 years ago.
I attended both Cottingley First School and Stoney Lee Middle School before going to Bingley Grammar. If any one recognizes the name drop me a line at

FREAR Edward Waller

My father died whilst I was very young and I never really found out much about his history or past family, I was however aware that he was a Yorkshire man. His christened name was Edward Waller Frear and I recall a name of Ada?? maybe his sister.

I believe he was born around 1895 give or take 5 years.

He married my mother Nita Lawson Jameson of which I have no history as she was fostered/adopted as a baby.

Leeds, Newcastle and Durham are places that I remember being mentioned

If you have any information please e-mail Thomas Frear

Peter Binns

Is there anyone who knows Derek Weston who lives/lived in Marchcote lane? Could you let him know that Peter his old mate from Shipley now in Australia is still around and has not forgotten him. His e.mail address is

Kevin Murgatroyd

I lived in cottingley 1953-1966 first at 4 Ryecroft avenue then at 83 Airedale avenue. I then moved to Crossflatts. I now live in the midlands and would like to hear from anybody who remembers me. E-mail


Melanie Christian, who lived at Woodside Avenue and went to school in Cottingley would love to hear from anyone who knew her. She was born in 1973. Ken and Pam Christian, Melanie Cook (née Christian), Mandy Diedrich (nee Christian), left Cottingley 20 yrs ago and now reside in the United States. Ken & Pam live in Brighton, Michigan, Mandy lives in Alto, Michigan and Melanie lives in Chicago, Illinois. Would love to hear from anyone in Cottingley.

If you would like to get in touch with any of them please email Gary Cook at


I am researching my family history. My mother's maiden name was Whitaker, my grandfather was the last landlord at the old Sun Inn, and my grandmother worked at Cottingley Hall.
If anyone has any information which may be useful please email Cottingley Connect.


As an old cottingley boy I would dearly love to put something back and would be very keen to support a resurrection of the Cottingley Gala, or establishing a youth club. As someone who spent his youth in the bus shelter ( The Hilton) during the early 60s I have always felt we need a youth group organisation. Any contacts, or like minded folks, I would appreciate it if you would contact me.
Many thanks
I can be contacted at

Gerald Battersby

Mr. Battersby taught at Cottingley Manor School from 1952 to 1975 and was headmaster. He died on June 12th 2007 in Blackpool Victoria Hospital aged 93. His nephew can be contacted at
Roger Beales at 41 Benhill Wood Road Sutton Surrey SM1 3SL. or via e.mail to:

REV. JOHN MAYLARD. 1816-1896

(click here for information about John Maylard)

Rev John Maylard's Great Great Great Granddaughter is researching her family tree and would love to hear from anyone who has any information about the Rev Maylard, or his descendants. She can be contacted by e.mail at

Rob (also a descendant) would also be interested in any information about Rev. Maylard (Rev. Maylard's photograph and some information can be accessed by turning to the photographs page of this site) or his descendants. He can be contacted at


Terry would like to hear from anyone who has information about the Frank, Franke, Francke family who lived at Cottingley Hall up to about 1600. He is doing a One Name Study of the FRANK family name... so all and every little piece of information is important. More especially, in trying to link the Yorkshire family with the arrival of the family in Nottinghamshire around the 1550's.
He can be contacted at if you can offer any information