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St Mary's and St Monica's Church

I am indebted to the late Tommy Finnegan for the following information:

In August 1994 the Secretary of State approved plans for the re-organisation of Catholic Schools and Cottingley Manor was to be put up for sale either as a whole or in part. As Cottingley Manor was, at this time, also the Church, some major decisions were required for the parish of St. Mary and St Monica.

In the summer of 1995 Bishop Konstant formally consented to a new parish centre. Subsequently an architect was appointed and consultations were made and designs put forward.

Work commenced in June 1997 and the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Konstant later that year and the Dedication Ceremony was conducted by the Bishop on 27th June 1998. Bishop Konstant conducted the Mass assisted by Father Summersgill, Father Fenton, Father Johnstone, Father Townsend, Father J. Jackson, Father A. Jackson and Father Carlos Caliva.