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Raspberry Picking at Cottingley Allotments

Raspberry picking
The raspberries were sold to the Smith's local jam factory

(Keighley News August 1926) The gardens were divided into allotments of half or quarter acres and given up to raspberry growing almost entirely. There is nowhere in the district where raspberries of the same size and flavour could be produced. Almost all the women in the village spent their spare time picking the fruit taking their children with them after school and during school holidays.
A newspaper article (Guardian Chronicle) of 1965 was written when the Raspberry Gardens were sold. It states that the land was held in trust for the relations of the late E. A. Briggs and administered by Armitage and Norton, the Bradford chartered accountants. The land was rented first from Mr Ferrand and later from Mr. Briggs by the allotment holders.

The land was originally owned by the Ferrand family as part of their St.Ives estate. The late Mr. Briggs who bought the land, also bought the land on which stands the Cottingley Manor school. Arthur Harry died in 1920 and Arthur Edward died in 1928.

Fred Fielding remembered the gardens being there in about 1900 so it would appear that they were first rented out in the late 1800's.