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If anyone has a copy of the Rev. Maylard's Book "From Prison to Pulpit" which they would be willing to part with, please let me know.

The Rev John Maylard 1816 to 1896

A poem he wrote in 1859

'Tis sweet to think of Jesus, When fears oppress the soul; He'll calm the raging tempest, The fiercest winds control.

'Tis sweet to rest on Jesus, In peaceful calm repose; When wealth and friends forsake us And multiply our foes.

'Tis sweet to trust in Jesus, when guilt, and sin, and shame Destroy the heart's false refuge, There's pardon in his name.

'Tis sweet to live with Jesus, In any state or place; There's safety in His presence, There's comfort in His grace.

'Tis sweet to work for Jesus, His easy yoke to bear; Who labour in His vineyard, The Father's smile shall share.

'Tis sweet to wait on Jesus, In all the means of grace; To worship Him in spirit, Until we see His face.

'Tis right to follow Jesus, Where'er He leads to go; He conquered when He suffered, And we shall conquer too.

'Tis safe to die in Jesus, When death has lost its sting; Death is the gate to glory, Where deathless spirits sing.

At last to reign with Jesus, In realms of light and peace; Around the throne in concert, Our songs shall never cease.

John Maylard
Rev. John Maylard
Book Pages
Pages about his stay at Cottingley from his autobiography

Extract from his Obituary

He was as often in great request for special services during the nineteen years he resided at Cottingley. After a long day's work, well and faithfully done, he fell asleep in Jesus August 11th, 1896, in the 80th year of his age. The funeral service was held in the Hill-street chapel, Bingley, in which the Revs. A. McKechinie, G.H. Beeley, and W. Thoseby took part. On the following Sunday the Rev. M. Knowlson improved his death to a large congregation in the Cottingley Town Hall

For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain - W. Thoseby

Rev. John Maylard's grave at Bingley records

Affectionate Remembrance The Rev. John Maylard of Cottingley who departed this life Aug 11th 1896 In his 80th Year Trim your lamps and be ready for the midnight cry. Also Eliza Jane his daughter who departed this life Feb 16th 1889 Aged 25 years She has gone to be with Jesus

I am indebted to his descendants Rob and Sue for information about the Rev. Maylard