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We are currently running a campaign to raise money required for the repairs to the building. We were allocated a Heritage Lottery Grant of £152,500 and we needed to raise £38,000.

The initial fundraising has surpassed all expectations and Phase 1 of the work has been completed. The outside of the Town Hall is now sound and waterproof. The electrics have been done. What remains now to be done is all the internal work - decorating, boiler replacement, plastering etc. The Friends are grateful to all those who made this possible, and ask that you continue to take an interest in the building and support all the ongoing efforts to improve the interior.

The boiler replacement alone will cost in the region of £16,000.

A regular newsletter is delivered to all those who are members of the Friends of Cottingley Town Hall. This lets them know what is going on, what has been done and what is still to do. If you are not a member and would like to be please e-mail Webmaster margaret.krupa AT

The Cottingley Town Hall was featured in the film "Fairy Tale - A True Story" and the classroom where Elsie and Frances attended school remains virtually unchanged. (see Cottingley Town Hall for more information)

Picture of the Town Hall during the Restoration
Picture of the Town Hall during the Restoration