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Beckfoot Ford and Packhorse Bridge

Photo by M. Krupa
The bridge stands upon the oldest road of the district, or what was probably the ancient forest road along the river bank from Cottingley. It was certainly the old bridle and pack horse route from the lower Aire valley to Bingley until the erection of a stone bridge over the river at Cottingley in the late 18th century. In 1723 the old wooden bridge at Beckfoot was replaced by the present stone bridge. It was built by two local masons, Benjamin Craven and Joshua Scott at a cost of £10, and this included the price of maintenance for seven years. "Bingley History Trail by Gary Firth"
Alongside the bridge stands Beckfoot Farm of equal antiquity. Over the door is a date stone marked 1617 ER IR AR. The lanterns on the corner of the farm show that the property was once owned by the Knights of St. John. Other inscriptions on the farm house reveal that the property once belonged to the Rawson family. "Bingley History Trail by Gary Firth"
On a main artery of the Aire Valley transport system, Beckfoot was ideally placed for the farmer- clothier whose worsted trade functioned upon the 'putting out' system. "Bingley History Trail by Gary Firth"

The line drawing to the left by G.R. Hallam loaned by E.Greenwood. The building to the right of the picture is the first Dame School in Bingley. It cost 1d a week to attend.
George Hallam was a local artist who lived in Main Street

A Frith's series postcard from about 1910